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Chief Human Resources Officer/Credentialing Specialist

Cynthia Walker

Cynthia Walker is the Chief Human Resources Officer/Credentialing Specialist. Cynthia originally joined the Greene County Health System team as the Revenue Cycle Manager in March 2018. She moved into this position after obtaining her certifications in Office Administration, Computer Science, and Human Resources Hiring Practices. Human Resources has her recruiting, onboarding, and interacting with employees as well as assisting new employees as they begin their careers with the organization. She also works with all physicians providing services to the Greene County Health System patients to assure all physician practice licensing is up to date.
Cynthia routinely works with the Marketing Department interacting with surrounding schools and organizations to identify and address their needs that can be fulfilled by the Greene County Health System. She also manages special projects for the organization which allows her to collaborate with community leaders and business owners in meeting the needs of the Health System.
When Cynthia is not working arduous hours, she loves to travel and spend time with her family, especially her grandbabies.