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Greene County Health System

The health system consists of Greene County Hospital, Greene County Physicians Clinic and the Greene County Nursing Home. These three entities serve all residents of the county and surrounding areas.

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Greene County Hospital

Greene County Hospital is located in the heart of the county and provides healthcare services to the residents of Greene and surrounding counties. From emergency care, pediatric services, acute care and substance abuse recovery programs, the caring doctors, nurses and support staff provide quality care and promote health.

Greene County Physicians Clinic

Greene County Physicians Clinic is located on the Health System grounds. It provides healthcare to persons needing assistance maintaining their personal health and wellness. Our medical staff and licensed providers are vested in the community and provide quality medical care to the communities they serve. The clinic is continuously evolving w ith trending technology and we are looking forward to developing services and programs that will assist everyone in their quest for the best health possible.

Greene County Nursing Home

Greene County Nursing Home is a skilled care facility with experienced nurses, therapists and other licensed professionals that provide services to the elderly and disabled who cannot be maintained at home. We provide a variety of services including personal and special care services and rehabilitation. It has a special care unit for persons with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other mind-altering conditions. Whether a long-term stay is planned or short-term therapy, the Greene County Nursing Home is here to assist you.