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Medical Social Worker

Mary Shakes, LCISW, MSW

Mary Shakes, LCISW, MSW is the Medical Social Worker and Case Manager for the Greene County Health System. She is a Licensed Social Worker and holds a Master's Degree from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She has been employed with the Greene County System on a part-time basis since September 2020. Mary provides case management services for the hospital but is primarily involved in coordinating and facilitating social services for the Greene County Nursing Home.

Mary's responsibilities not only involve facilitating the transition of our residents from their previous residence to the nursing facility, but she also assists in ensuring that residents play an integral part in their care planning, decision making, and problem-solving. To ensure that our residents function at their highest social, physical, and emotional levels, Mary works closely with nursing home staff as well as supportive family and friends, whose help and support is invaluable. Mary enjoys the special individual times she spends with each resident, learning of their family history, childhood memories, and reading inspirational stories to them.

Mary has two sons - Shaka and Michael. She enjoys family time and recreational activities on her days off.